For a Bridge over Troubled Waters, There Is Hope!

There Is Hope! for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse ©

As an experienced Connecticut Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW#: 000187) and Certified School Social Worker (CSSW#: 32180), I have worked extensively with and achieved unusual healing for adult survivors of child sexual abuse.  Our clients have achieved their significant success because of their hard work, their motivation, courage, and persistence, and a positive response to my style and innovations.  To share those methods and to encourage reasons for hopefulness, I am writing There Is Hope! for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, with a goal of its 2019 publication.  ThereIsHope-Book.Com is my Internet vehicle to inform the far-too-many victims of child sexual abuse and their support systems about the book and to have optimism that they can achieve healing, grow healthier, and be happier.     

In addition, we therapists, while empathizing with our clients, can learn and practice ways to reduce our own potential vicarious trauma from our provision of counseling for this worthwhile and significantly injured client population.  

Finally, it is important that we all work together toward the accomplish-able goal of significantly reducing the frequency of child sexual abuse for all future generations.

Herbert Jay Rosenfield, LCSW, CSSW                                           [Post Updated: 01/30/2019]

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